Moon not War & Current Affairs

Di. 09.07.19


Einlass: 20:30

Beginn: 21:00

„CURRENT AFFAIRS are a sassy, thumping, ’tune after tune’ post-punk party hit-machine. Their queer, goth punk is laden with addictive bass hooks, frantic guitar screeches, bullet punch drum hits, whirring keyboards and commanding calls. Sharing members with Anxiety, Rose McDowall and Shopping.“ – Upset the Rhythm

Formed in Munich, Germany MOON NOT WAR are Anna McCarthy, Antenne Danger, Ruben Granados-Hughes and Shino Plum. Anna McCarthy’s heart-wrenching vocals are accompanied by a humming and creaky bass, whilst Danger’s hypnotic choral singing and epic keyboard playing reminds of Italian/German splatter. Granados hits the drums as if it were a piece of meat and Plum underscores it all with minimal guitar, giving goose bumps.