Alien Erdäpfelkaas Saloon: Caleb Daily + Elijah Minnelli + Alien Soundsystem & More

Do. 08.12.22

Konzert + DJ

Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 19:30

Nachdem die Alien Disko #5 leider nicht wie geplant stattfindet (mehr dazu hier), aber einige der Künstler bereits Flüge gebucht haben und anreisen, wird diese, kleinere Ersatzveranstaltung im Import Export stattfinden.

Caleb Dailey

Growing up in the Californian sprawl and the vast suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, Caleb Dailey largely dismissed the country and western music that surrounded him. Instead, he was drawn to independent rock, experimental zones, and other genre-defying forms, which led him to create skewed rock music with Bear State and establish the “minimal art label” Moone Records with his brother Micah Dailey in 2013. But in the early half of the 2010s, Dailey began to hear things differently. Drawn into the left-of-center works of artists like Gram Parsons and Blaze Foley, a more idiosyncratic take on country, folk, and roots music began to swirl in his imagination.

Elijah Minnelli

As the ongoing artist-in-residence and de facto Night Czar of Breadminster, Elijah Minnelli has done much to broaden the districts cultural-standing with an ever-growing stable of sonic exports. Borne of an equal love of outsider folk, and the interwoven musical lineages of both South America and the West Indies, Minnelli’s output stands out by balancing its influences with a unique irreverence.



8-15 € (+ Gebühren)

8-15 €