ALIEN PUZZLE: o’ summer vacation + Saiko Ryusui

Mo. 06.05.24


Einlass: 20:30

Beginn: 21:00

o’ summer vacation

Hailing from the Kansai area of Japan, o’summer vacation are an explosive guitarless trio whose enrapturing music can hardly be defined by modern day standards. Combining the frenzy speed of acts like Melt Banana and label mates Otoboke Beaver with an alternative approach that relies on mind-bending bass loops,  heavy pounding drums and wordless frenzied singing, their shows are a non-stop barrage of short and sweet mosh-inducing fun.


Saiko Ryusui

Saiko Ryusui is a Berlin-based musician & artist who is known in the local DIY underground music scene as the drummer of universal pop group Brabrabra.


15 €