Aperitivo e musica w/ AMADA

Fr. 19.07.24

Konzert, Kulinarik

Outdoor, Indoor

Einlass: 18:00

Beginn: 18:00

An diesem Abend wollen wir euch kulinarisch nach Italien entführen. Es wird im Motto „Aperitivo Italiano“ ab 18 Uhr draußen italienischer Aperitivo, Antipasti und Spuntini geben. Man zahlt ganz einfach etwas mehr als sonst für das Getränk und die leckeren Snacks sind dann direkt mit dabei! Begleitet wird der kulinarische Ausflug von der Band Amada aus Süditalien.

Buon divertimento!


Amada, born Annalisa Madonna at the foot of Mount Vesuvius in the late 1970s, has always been passionate about languages and world cultures. Her musical journey began with classical piano, guided by her pianist mother, but her love for singing and world languages led her to anthropological and ethnomusicological studies. In 1999, she signed her first recording contract with C.N.I. Music and toured Europe with Vox Populi. Amada’s career highlights include collaborations with Israeli singer Noa, a recording contract with Sony Edit, and performances in London with the theatre company „Stone Dancer Inc.“ Her time in London deepened her love for Brazilian popular music. In 2008, she formed Kantango with musicians Giacomo Pedicini and Antonio Fresa, releasing the internationally acclaimed album „Ida y Vuelta.“ In 2013, Amada debuted on Broadway with the show „T’Ammore,“ blending Neapolitan folk traditions with contemporary sounds. This milestone fueled her desire to create a solo album that encapsulates her years of travels, discoveries, and musical influences.

On May 12, 2023, Amada released her highly anticipated debut album, „Nove Piccoli Sorsi di Mare“ (SoundFly/Self). The album is an extraordinary fusion of six different languages, intertwining diverse idioms with modern and traditional sounds. „Nove Piccoli Sorsi di Mare“ is a world music album that emerged organically, song by song, without fear, embracing each sip of creativity. The album features songs sung in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole, Italian, and Sicilian from Catania. This linguistic diversity blends seamlessly with the music, creating a tapestry of popular sounds and modern instruments. Amada’s voice, described as „voz antigua de viento y de sal“ (ancient voice of wind and salt) by Alfonsina de Mercedes Sosa, navigates through different cultures and emotions, reflecting the spirit of the times and connecting with ancient roots.