Arabian Panther + Balaclava + Shā Mò + saHHara Collective + MYTT + Polaster + Packed Rich + Chilli Con K

Sa. 10.08.24

PHRE Festival

Outdoor, Indoor

Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 20:30

Arabian Panther (France, Lebanon)

[DE] DJ-Sets von Arabian Panther erzählen vom Kampf für Frieden und Gerechtigkeit. Als Hommage an seine Wuzeln als französisches Kind aus der libanesischen Diaspora bespielt er ein breites Spektrum an Genres, eine echte Reise zwischen BPM und Ambient, Italo Musik und Slug-Rave, von Techno über EBM, Trance und Breakbeat. Er spielt auf der Bühne, maskiert hinter einem schwarzen Keffiyeh, und überlässt den Fokus der Figur, die er geschaffen hat, um seine Unterstützung für die palästinensische Sache und seine Wurzeln zu zeigen. Bei seinen DJ-Sets und seiner Produktion dreht sich alles um Hafla (arab. „Party“) und die Vielseitigkeit.

[ENG] DJ sets from Arabian Panther tell of the fight for peace and justice. As a tribute to his roots as a French child from the Lebanese diaspora, he plays a wide range of genres, a real journey between BPM and ambient, Italo music and slug rave, from techno to EBM, trance and breakbeat. He performs on stage, masked behind a black keffiyeh, leaving the focus to the character he created to show his support for the Palestinian cause and his roots. His DJ sets and production are all about hafla (Arabic for „party“) and versatility.

Balaclava (Tunisia)

[DE] Das Kollektiv BALACLAVA wurde auf den Straßen von Tunis geboren, und ist beheimatet in der tunesischen Underground-Techno-Szene. Sie sind eine Gruppe multidisziplinärer, engagierter und leidenschaftlicher alternativer Künstler:innen, die ihre Werte verteidigen und Territorium durch kühne und provokative Kunstwerke zu markieren. Ihr Ziel ist klar: Urbane Kunst fördern und junge Menschen mit Balaclava stärken, rebellisch und mit großen Ambitionen zu leben.

[ENG] The collective BALACLAVA was born on the streets of Tunis, and is at home in the Tunisian underground techno scene. They are a group of multidisciplinary, committed and passionate alternative artists who defend their values ​​and mark territory through bold and provocative artworks. Their goal is clear: to promote urban art and empower young people with balaclava to live rebelliously and with great ambitions.

Shā Mò

Shā Mò (沙漠) gives us an insight into the school days of the musicians from Shanghai, China. During their time here in Munich, identification with their home country became increasingly difficult, both politically and socially. However, reveling in shared memories from school brings a new, beautiful and almost mythical connection to home. Using elements of Chinese folk music unconsciously, the four-piece band shāmò (沙漠) will present a set full of loud guitars, personal anecdotes and building tension. The first album will be released in late summer.

saHHar [ saHHara Collective ]

saHHar, is a DJ, co-founder of the collective saHHara, and music artist who thrives on exploring unique sounds and blending them together, drawing inspiration from his childhood in Tunis and his current home in Berlin. He effortlessly merges the vibrant energy of North African music with the cutting-edge vibes of Berlin’s techno scene, often adding live elements to his performances such as traditional drums and vocals.

Omar.D [ saHHara Collective ]

Omar.D is a Tunisian DJ based in Berlin and resident of the saHHara collective, who is renowned for his groovy, bouncy, and melodic sets. He expertly fuses infectious rhythms with captivating melodies to create an atmosphere that is both exhilarating and unforgettable. With an innate talent for reading the crowd and elevating the dance floor’s energy, Omar.D has become a beloved figure among techno enthusiasts. Dive into his vibrant, pulsating beats, where every track tells a story and every moment invites you to move.


MYTT, also known as Techno Tunesier, are two dynamic DJs from Tunisia who have been captivating audiences since 2019. Known for their high-energy sets that seamlessly blend techno and groovy beats, they have quickly garnered a loyal following. Having played at various raves in Munich, Stustaculum festival, Import Export and many other venues, they bring a wealth of experience to the stage. Their tracks are exclusively unreleased, offering you a unique opportunity to hear them live. Don’t miss the chance to experience their distinctive sound and vibrant energy – it’s guaranteed to get you moving!


Polaster is a veteran of the electronic music scene, having conquered stages for more than a decade with his unique selection. With a passion for DnB, Dubstep, G-Tec, and Breaks, he has made a name for himself as a DJ while simultaneously creating his own productions across a variety of electronic genres. As a permanent member of the Time Tripping collective, Polaster has built a loyal fanbase and is known for his unforgettable sets at locations like Corleone, Unterdeck, and Club Czerny. He can also be seen at festivals such as Fusion, Subardo, Eulenflug, and Midsommar. As a support act, he has played alongside artists such as MCR-T, Partiboi69, Wingz, NapesUK, Posij, Schlachthofbronx, General Levy, KalteLiebe, and Miss Bashful.

Packed Rich

Packed Rich is a beatmaker who continuously explores the boundaries of his sound by blending different influences, from hip hop to jazz to electronic music. Despite this, he maintains a distinct style that channels the sound aesthetics of old drum machines and crackling samples. After releasing several beat tapes on Munich-based Ilian Tape label’s Beat Series, his electronic debut, WARP FIELDS, comes packed with breaks, synths, broad soundscapes, and rhythms heavily influenced by electronic subgenres like grime, jungle, and juke.


secondaPelle believes in secondhand fashion for every body, every budget and every beautiful moment. In their lovely store at Bahnwärter Thiel you can find vintage treasures handpicked in Italy with love an a modest dose of Aperol Spritz. For this special event in their beloved Import Export secondaPelle will bring you a selection very “discoshorle”. Get ready for some funky gems.

Birdy [ Flash Tattoo auf Spende ]

Birdy, an artist located in Vienna with a home base in Munich, has developed a tattoo style that blends ornamental art, tribal motifs, and timeless bodywork. Using freehand techniques and body flow elements, they create tattoos that seamlessly complement the natural contours of the body. Their bold lines lend a distinctive expressive quality to their work. With experience in Latin America and plans to explore regions such as India, North Africa, and Asia, Birdy combines traditional and contemporary methods to craft tattoos that are both meaningful and visually appealing. A deep reverence for traditional tattoo art underscores their practice, honoring its rich heritage and cultural significance. Equally important to Birdy is creating a safe and inclusive environment for their clients, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and respected.

19:00 Abendsonne, Drinks, Essen am Palast der fleischlosen Lüste
19:00 secondaPelle vintage fashion
19:00 Birdy Tattoo
20:00 Shā Mò
21:30 SaHHar B2B Omar.D

Floor One
23:00 Chilli con K
00:00 Arabian Panther
01:30 Balaclava

Rave Cave
23:00 Techno Tunesier Duo
02:00 Polaster
03:30 Packed Rich

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