Behind the Green Door pres. Marcoca

Fr. 04.03.22

Konzert + DJ

Einlass: 21:00

Beginn: 21:00

21.00 Doors + Snacks + Drinks
21.00 Konzert + DJs

Welcome back to the only righteous way to „Schwurbel“. The psychedelic season for 2022 kicks in right here … Finally we can come together again and praise the love for music. For this warm welcome trip we chose some soulful psychedelia that take you to orange drenched beaches and azure lagoons. A short break from reality, a daydream of escapism. Isn’t that exactly what we need in these dystopian times? Oh and there might be a slight chance of something something happening this night … we will see. We keep you updated.


In a time of made up genres and increasingly entwined music, Marcoca is not even trying to put themselves in to a specific category. Generally they consist of five individual musicians with various tastes and backgrounds, that enjoy their differences and don’t worry too much about the outcome.
Their second project „Cosmic Blunder“ originated out of the urge to merge new psychedelic sounds with elements of funk, jazz and surf rock, while keeping the stuff that worked on the first record in place. The result is a reverb soaked ride through songs that cover the ups and downs of life and all the questions that come along with it. While some of the songs had been previously arranged, some instrumental parts developed during the recording process in order to preserve the natural flow of the music.
By self producing all of their music, they do not hesitate to experiment with various approaches and a variety of crackling gear they collected over the years. Maybe this results in a unique sound maybe it does not. It’s up to you to judge. And they are still from Germany… If you are still dying to know.

Es gilt die 2G+ Regelung. Weitere Infos zu den Einlassbedingungen bezüglich Corona findet ihr in unseren FAQs.



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