Cafi Chanta: Donia Massoud + Fatat Band + Any Music Band + Chedi & Maleke

Fr. 26.01.24

Konzert, DJ

Einlass: 20:00

Beginn: 21:00

Cafi Chanta is starting the year with a captivating lineup that promises a night of diverse musical experiences. Join us for a night immersed in the authentic and soulful sounds that echo the cultural heartbeat of the WANA region.

Donia Massoud, a renowned singer, actress, and music researcher, will share forgotten musical treasures from Egypt and the Arabic-speaking region. Her performances, combining concerts with theatrical elements, offer an insightful look into the stories behind the songs.

Following Donia, „Fatat Band“ “فتاة” ,takes the spotlight, infusing the atmosphere with spontaneity, emotion, and a positive musical vibe and forging a genuine connection with our audience. It’s an intimate journey, constructing an authentic bridge between „Fatat“ and  the audience.

„Any Music“ is the harmonious collaboration of Tunisian, Lebanese, and German artists, creating a distinctive East-West fusion. Their sophisticated yet lively musical blend captures the essence of diverse rhythms and oriental melodies, promising a captivating and enjoyable experience.

Closing the night, Munich-based DJs Chedi & Malèke bring their North African roots to the dance floor, fusing elements Folk, Mezwed, and Funk. setting the perfect backdrop for a dance-filled experience as you surrender to the vibrant rhythms.

Donia Massoud:

Donia is a singer, actress and music researcher, renowned for her contributions to music performance, ethnology, documentation and rearrangement of almost disappearing music heritage from Egypt and the Arabic speaking region.  Between 2000 and 2010, Donia Massoud has travelled to several Arab villages collecting a nearly lost heritage of sacred and profane songs and music material. Discovering theatrical and choreographic material related to that music heritage, Donia’s renditions of this collection took a theatre and performance based turn, staging these works into unique works that straddle the format of concert, plays and performance art.Her work has toured extensively in the Arabic Speaking World and Europe for almost two decades, and was presented on reputable world stages including Kammerspiele (Munich), Cairo Opera House (Cairo), Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris), Bastionen (Malmo), Jerash Amphitheater (Jerash), Museo Egizio (Torino), Zanzibar Castle (Zanzibar), Odeon Theater (Amman) among many others. To shed more light on the theatrical aspects of the songs, Donia decided to transform the project into an a cappella format, aiming to draw greater attention to the compelling stories embedded in these songs.

Fatat Band:

With our music band „Fatat,“ we immerse ourselves in moments of happiness and spontaneity, embracing improvisation, emotional lyrics, and wit. Our positive energy resonates in every note and lyric, reflecting our profound love for life and music. Driven by a passion for spreading joy through our musical creations, we specifically target intimate audiences and smaller venues. Our goal is to bring the audience closer to us, establishing a profound connection. We live and breathe together, sharing both the pains and joys of life, constructing an authentic bridge between Fatat and our devoted audience.

مع فرقتنا الموسيقية „فتاة“، نعيش لحظات الفرح والعفوية، معتمدين على الارتجال والكلمات العاطفية والساخر.

. نحن نعكس حبنا للحياة والموسيقى بطابع إيجابي ينعكس في كل نوتة وكلمة.

نحن نمتلك شغفًا بنشر الفرح من خلال موسيقانا، ونحن نركز بشكل خاص على الجمهور الضيق والأماكن الصغيرة. نرغب في أن يكون الجمهور قريبًا منا، حتى نشعر بتواصل عميق معهم. نحن نعيش ونتنفس معًا، نشارك الألم والفرح، ونبني جسراً حقيقياً بيننا وبين جمهورنا.

Any Music:

A dynamic blend of Tunisian, Lebanese, and German artists who, driven by a shared passion for music, have transformed from colleagues into a musical Journey. Any Music“ embraces soulful rhythms and captivating oriental melodies, creating a sophisticated yet fun atmosphere for their audience, merging the best of both worlds – East and West.

Chedi & Malèke زينة و عزيز’ة :

Introducing زينة و عزيز’ة – Malèke and Chedi, dynamic Munich-based DJs who’ve ignited the dance floors at Import Export with an irresistible groove, leaving a lasting impression. With roots spanning thousands of kilometers across North Africa, their sets are a nostalgic journey through the rich melodies of Folk, Mezwed, and Funk deeply rooted in their cultural heritage. Get ready for an immersive musical experience that transcends borders.



17 € ( zzgl. Gebühren)

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