Cafi Chanta: Mehdi Ayachi + Hiba Salameh + Mnfque

Fr. 14.06.24

Konzert, DJ

Outdoor, Indoor

Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 20:00

Mehdi Ayachi

Mehdi Ayachi is a Tunisian artist with a diploma in Arabic music and a professorship in music science, graduating from the prestigious Higher Institute of Music in Tunisia. His artistic journey is rich and varied, spanning different musical genres including Sufi, Malouf, and classical. Noteworthy highlights of his career include performances alongside Slim El Baklouch and encounters with Sami El Lajmi. He also clinched the coveted title of „The Voice“ in the fifth Arabic edition of the program, showcasing his exceptional vocal talent. With a repertoire of diverse songs, Mehdi Ayachi continues to captivate audiences with his unique musical expressions.

Hiba Salameh

Hiba Salameh is a music producer, filmmaker, and DJ from Haifa. Touring around theworld with her electrifying sets and being named by Mixmag as ‚one of the Palestinian DJs you need to know. Never accepting borders, she continuously challenges music genres to create unique sensualexperiences while bonding music traditions rooted in the past with their contemporary reflections. In her eclectic DJ Sets, Hiba loves to navigate through the wide universe of electronic music blending the huge heritage of Arabic music with its counterparts from the planet’s Southern Hemisphere.


Meet Mnfique, a 25-year-old artist from Tunisia, now calling Munich, Germany, home. Specializing in the mesmerizing realm of minimal techno, Mnfique weaves a tapestry of sounds that transcends borders. Drawing inspiration from diverse cultural influences, join the sonic adventure and let Mnfique guide you through an immersive experience where pulsating beats meet a world of electronic artistry.