Cafi Chanta w/ Ghalia Benali + Hiba Salameh + Mazen Mohsen + Chedi & Maleke

Fr. 25.08.23

PHRE Festival

Outdoor, Indoor

Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 19:00

Cafi Chanta is thrilled to present the live concert of the legendary and award-winning Tunisian singer Ghalia Benali in Munich:

Ghalia Benali (Tunisia)

Renowned for her versatility of genres, Ghalia Benali’s remarkable voice and stage presence have contributed to contemporary Arabic music. A singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and visual artist, her name has also been synonymous with the gift of storytelling and her spellbinding presence that captivates from the moment she steps foot on stage. Her work is deeply influenced by her southern Tunisian upbringing and love for Arab legendary icons, which she has combined with her mystical and spiritual art and the musical cultures of flamenco and Romas of Rajasthan. Benali has also worked on numerous international projects and has released 10 albums, such as her autobiographical musical Romeo and Leila, Om Kalthoum, and her most recent In the Footsteps of Rumi. More recently, she also founded MWSOUL Art Foundation, a non-profit establishment that aims at raising awareness by reviving and connecting authentic cultural roots through multidisciplinary arts. Artists: Ghalia Benali, Moufadhel Adhoum (Oud), Salam Al Hassan (Percussion)

DJ Hiba Salameh (Palestine)

Hiba s a music producer, filmmaker, and DJ from Haifa. Never accepting borders, she continuously challenges music genres to create unique sensual experiences while bonding music traditions rooted in the past with their contemporary reflections. In her eclectic DJ Sets, Hiba loves to navigate through the wide universe of electronic music blending the huge heritage of Arabic music with its counterparts from the planet’s southern hemisphere.

Mazen Mohsen (Syria)

Mazen Mohsen, a native of Syria, completed his music studies in his home country before coming to Germany in 2015. Since then, he has made a name for himself through many concerts and music projects. His participation in the 11th season of “The Voice of Germany” and his collaboration with pop star Mark Forster on the show brought him great fame, particularly in the Arabic pop scene. Mazen is a talented pop singer who simultaneously masters two instruments: the guitar and the Arabic oud.

Chedi & Malèke (Tunisia, MUC)

Malèke and Chedi are Munich Based DJs that have brought the dance floors in Import Export to an insatiable groove on Multiple Occasions. With their roots scattered over thousands of kilometers – in North Africa, they reminisce in melodies of Folk, Mezwed, and Funk stemming from their culture.

The Event is curated by Malèke Msallem. The Event supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.

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25 € (+ Gebühren)

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