Carpet – „Collision“ Album Release Show + Karaba

Do. 25.04.24


Einlass: 19:30

Beginn: 20:15


“Collision”- Record Release Show

Carpet is a band from Germany (Munich/Augsburg) with huge influences by prog rock, psychedelic music, stoner rock and jazz. It’s like putting Motorpsycho, Jaga Jazzist, the Notwist and the Beatles in a studio to create new material together. Stylistically, the band has always pursued its very own approach. Sometimes the music is allowed to breathe freely and feel its way forward note by note, sometimes it is compressed to the maximum in driving beats and riffs. An unmistakable feel for perfectly balanced arrangements and wonderfully coherent melodies hold the whole thing together in an almost compelling way.

With “Collision“, Carpet recorded a strong and powerful album: “Some songs and parts were created in one go, almost from the gut, and are bursting with energy. Others were worked out down to the last detail and developed into sophisticated song structures.”The range of songs extends from raw, grungy and heavy rocking tunes to rhythmically complex songs that draw on elements of Radiohead-like minimal music and enchanting melodies. Collision releases on March 22nd (Kapitän Platte).


Karaba, an instrumental band based in Munich, was formed in 2014 and initially started as a jam band, drawing inspiration from acts like Embryo, Soft Machine, and Kraan. Their self-titled debut album from 2014, which incorporates elements of krautrock, psychedelia, and progressive rock, features early compositions from their musical journey. Their second album, „Schwester Mondreal“ (2018), explores eclectic and Zappa-esque musical territories while maintaining a strong focus on instrumental storytelling. Notably, it includes the over 13-minute improvisation „Ozmoze“ featuring Marja Burchard on vibraphone.Their third studio album, „All High Ways“ (2022), consists of both previously composed and new pieces, thanks to the support of Initiative Musik. It seamlessly blends jazz-rock, krautrock, and progressive rock with Zappa-inspired elements, immersing listeners in Karaba’s unique and humor-infused musical landscapes. The band has performed numerous concerts in Germany and abroad, firmly establishing themselves in the German psychedelic music scene. Notably, they have engaged in musical collaborations with the legendary ex-Can singer, Damo Suzuki. In the meantime, Karaba has completed additional productions. In 2020, they released the live album „Live in Vienna“ on the German Neo-Krautrock music label Adansonia Records. Additionally, they released an EP on the Berlin-based jazz label Kryptox Music, featuring their label debut and the well-known track „Der Inder,“ which served as the opening track for Kryptox’s 2020 „Kraut Jazz Futurism“ compilation. Their latest release, „Orbit Autounfall,“ on the Jazz Montez Records Compilation Vol II in 2023, offers a jazzy exploration through psychedelic sonic realms.



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