Das Beat + Minimal Schlager + Sianza

Sa. 18.02.23

Konzert + DJ

Einlass: 21:00

Beginn: 21:00


Das Beat

Dabbling in German New Wave, Italo Disco, Indie & Dance, Das Beat’s sound is unified by vocals from Eddie Rabenberger, sung in German and English. Amidst playful lyrics one finds a strong underlying pulse (Das “beat”), pinning down the duo’s meandering atmospherics, dreamy synths, guitars and percussion.

Minimal Schlager

Dry-pulsing beats, hyper-literal lyrics, and ethereal female vocals… it’s hard not to imagine oneself driving down Mulholland when you listen to Minimal Schlager. Influenced by Italo Disco, new wave and various sounds picked up in the dive clubs of Berlin, the duo keep a pop sensibility with their haunting synth sounds which wouldn’t sound out of place on a David Lynch soundtrack.

Eine Konzertveranstaltung von Grotto Terrazza und DJ Düsseldorf.



15 € + Gebühren

16 €