Gleis 11 & Aylin`s Soundgarden

Fr. 09.02.24



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Gleis 11

Gleis 11 is a band that makes music about the Turkish people who came to work in Germany. They want to show the journey of these people through different times. The people in the band are the children and grandchildren of the first workers who came to Germany in the 1960s and 1970s, and some are newer immigrants. Gleis 11’s music combines old Turkish folk music and rock. They blend the old and the new to show how Turkish and German cultures have come together over the years. Through their music, Gleis 11 respects Turkish workers‘ history in Germany and shows a new way of looking at things. Gleis 11 tells the stories of the past while showing the present strongly and excitingly. Their art is a great celebration of people and their cultures, showing how vital these things are.


The newly founded formation around singer Aylin Yildirim innovatively combines the sounds of Anatolia with electro-pop, jazz and soul underpinned by contemporary beats. Aylin’s Soulgarden set texts of traditional Alevi poets like Muhyiddin Abdal and Pir Sultan Abdal to music in a new way and transposes them into the 21st century by means of clever songwriting and a stirring sound bed. With Aylin Yildirim (vocals), Eren Yildirim (tenbur), Girisha Fernando (bass, guitar), Kilian Bühler (drums), Paul Etschberger (synths).

Für Menschen mit geringem Einkommen gibt es die Möglichkeit, auf der Seite des KulturRaum München Freikarten für diese Veranstaltung zu erhalten. (Link:



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