grantler gigs pres. PAAR + Lens Arc + Bedouin Temple

Do. 14.12.23

Konzert + DJ


Einlass: 19:30

Beginn: 20:00

PAAR (Wave, Post-Punk)

Running by the name of PAAR, three German artists forged their public personae to one sonic canvas to paint their musical visions in sound. Soaked in layers of New Wave and post-punk, swathed by modern electronic sounds and experimental punk, PAAR have created a musical body consisting of beats and synths, refined with steady textures of guitar and bass, sanded with distinctive lyrics and vocals. If Blade Runner had played in dystopian Berlin of the not so far future – PAAR would have delivered the soundtrack for it.

Lens Arc (Dream Pop, Shoegaze)

Lens Arc is Thomas Haida who concocts steaming music mixtures out of found vials of sound in his Berlin apartment/lab, radiating synthesized warmth and enveloping the listener in intoxicating fumes of nostalgia and mirage. The self-proclaimed master of mixed metaphor has been building shoegazey lo-fi castles after his own blueprints since 2014, tastefully painted in fluorescent shades of gold, his lyrics a small window into the cryptic courtyard inside.

Bedouin Temple (Krautrock, Experimental, Drone)

Bedouin Temple is a musical collective centered around guitarist Dennis Lamb. The debut album released in October 2023 came about as a collaboration with Albin Julius from Austrian Krautrock band Der Blutharsch, featuring members of Der Blutharsch and Munich Black Metal Band Sum Lights. The nature of Bedouin Temple’s music is shape-shifting. Sometimes dark, sometimes celebratory, sometimes guarded, sometimes vulnerable. Dennis Lamb will be accompanied by Désirée Dix on viola.

All three live acts are part of Grantsalat 1 whose release we want to celebrate: music on recycled audio cassettes from the orbit of Munich’s Grantler Records. Each of them is a handcrafted unique piece filled with music from people who often recorded it with limited resources and a lot of passion. The tape can also be purchased for your home cassette recorder. In between the performances, you can hear excerpts from it. Additionally, the Grantler Soundsystem will bring a few Dreampop, Shoegaze, Dark, and New Wave records to spin.

Gefördert durch den MUNICH MUSIC BOOSTER der Feierwerk Fachstelle Pop – ermöglicht durch Fördermittel des Kulturreferats der Landeshauptstadt München.



13 € (+Gebühren)

15 €