Impex Galore: Queer Season

Mo. 02.10.23

Party + DJ


Einlass: 22:00

Beginn: 22:00

Are you ready to turn up the nightlife in Munich?
In a city where the week can feel like a challenge for night owls and party enthusiasts, we’ve got the remedy you’ve been waiting for.

Introducing IMPEX GALORE – the ultimate queer
party experience that’s been lighting up Munich’s nightlife for over a year. Our mission is simple: to provide a vibrant, safe, and affordable space for everyone who craves the thrill of a great night out. For just a 4€ entry fee, you’ll gain access to a world of excitement, complete with irresistible drink specials, mind-blowing techno beats from some of Munich’s finest DJ Headliners, and a sensational special performance that will leave you in awe. And here’s the kicker – as with all subsequent Impex Galore events, one up-and-coming student DJ will get a slot behind the turntables, bringing fresh and exciting sounds to your night. But IMPEX GALORE is more than just a party; it’s a movement. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to celebrate, express themselves, and feel a sense of belonging. Our dedicated awareness team is committed to ensuring a respectful and inclusive atmosphere
for everyone. So mark your calendars, gather your friends, and get ready. IMPEX GALORE is here to make your nights unforgettable. Join us in celebrating diversity, music, and the freedom to be yourself.


B 4ME born in London, has been turning up the heat with his DJ career which began in Germany with House Electronic and Techno music. B 4ME has recently played at Munich’s well know club ‘Blitz’ at their event ‘Cruise’. They are soon to be playing again at Rote Sonne for Pornceptual. He is also thrilled to bring his style, music and energy to the beautiful ravers at Munich’s Import-Export. B 4ME is resident at London’s well known Techno club ‘E1’. This well traveled power-house knows how to serve a VIBE.

Burninger and Julius Tazer

Burninger and Julius Tazer are both members of KollektivSW7. The Kollektive emerged from Maxvorstadt-based Techno events in the Schollheim student dorm. From being headliner DJs for the infamous Schollhain techno event they have progressed to become a driving force in the local Munich underground-techno scene.
Burninger: KollektivSW7’s Melodic Magician. With his carefully selected tracks and creative tempo variations, every set is a delight. From relaxed sundowner techno to sweaty peak-time techno, he convinces all ravers and always maintains a melodic ring closure.
Julius Tazer: is the intro engineer and loves to introduce his sets atmospherically. His tracks promise a high-frequency step count. The up-and-down sets guarantee climaxes and melodic build-up phases that create a mood akin to a gladiatorial fight in a colosseum.


Lyrapole is a circus-inspired mix of aerial hoop and pole dance. Dynamic, artistic and erotic. Prepare to see something new from performer Lyrabeacs.



4 € (+ Gebühren)

4 €