Impex Galore / SPJAM

Mi. 31.05.23

Party, DJ

Einlass: 22:00

Beginn: 22:00

Next Impex Galore! Mid-week rave – 31.05.2023

Impex Galore opens it s stage to SPJAM, a Di kollektiv Based in Berlin and debuting in Munich on Impex Galore.

SPJAM @spjam011 has been active as a project in the Mainz region since 2022 and is mainly promoted with „all night long“ sets. Kenzo Sone and Lucas Terburg jam at the back of the decks either in pairs or with an invited DJ. „SP“ stands for São Paulo, the Brazilian metropolis that is also the home of both founders.

Opening for SPJAM is the rocking Munich Based DJ:

Anna Geilano annageilano. With a reputation for demolishing dancefloors and turning up crowds, Anna Geilano has become a reliable asset at Massmann Wohnheim’s three annual parties.

Doors: 22:00
Game room and chill out area
Half off Vodka-mate before 00:00.

Impex Galore and the Import Export team takes zero tolerance to intimidation or harassment resulting from prejudice or discrimination on any grounds.


4 €