JAZZTIFY! SNEAK PREVIEW with Odizouu and the Octorhythmic Orchestra

Sa. 27.11.21


Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 19:00


Behind the Green Door and Import Export presents: JAZZTIFY! Sneak preview edition
Limited to 50 guests

Out of nowhere it comes … an exclusive listening session in a hazy lo-fi setting. Rest in an old chair, eat tasty food, sip on your wine and cheer to the exclusive live debut of Odizouu and the Octorhythmic Orchestra. Be with us when new music arises from the void and sneaks into our ears. Summoned in a collective ritual and embodied by Moritz Stahl (Ark Noir) and Sebastian Wolfgruber (Embryo, LBT). All drenched in visual FX by Lucien.
If you think you know Jazz, forget everything and come by …

Doors, Drinks, Music, Get Together
Odizouu and the Octorhythmic Orchestra – Moritz Stahl and Sebastian Wolfgruber go for ambient improvisations and rhythmic discoveries in their duo debut.

Come together brothers, sisters and diverse siblings and … JAZZTIFY!
Disclaimer: We don’t believe in anything, but music.

Es gilt die 2G+ Regelung. Weitere Infos zu den Einlassbedingungen bezüglich Corona findet ihr in unseren FAQs.




5€ + Spende