Jazztify: Simon Popp + Watoo

Sa. 25.09.21


Einlass: 18:00

Beginn: 18:00

18:00 Uhr: Einlass

18:00 Uhr: DJ Set

19:00 Uhr: Simon Popp

20:00 Uhr: Watoo


Behind the Green Door presents JAZZTIFY!

Join us on a day and night experience, that will expand your idea of Jazz and spirituality. Vinyl Jazz selection to seance with the higher spirits by St. Veit, St. Aiko, Brother Whitefield

Come together brothers, sisters and diverse siblings JAZZTIFY!
Feel the freedom of music JAZZTIFY!
Become one with the rhythm JAZZTIFY!
Embrace the spirits JAZZTIFY!
There is no genre, there are no borders, there is only music JAZZTIFY!
Disclaimer: We don’t believe in anything, but music.

Simon Popp

Simon is an imminent natural force, when it comes to creating groove. He is part of the FAZER backbone and a virtuoso in forging percussive elements into a seamless curtain that embraces the listener. Together with Flurin Mück and Sebastian Wolfgruber he performs his solo outlets in a unique setup of an unseen variety of percussive instruments, polyrhythm and complex structures, down to minimalistic ASMR like soundscapes. His new release on Squama is his second solo album ‘Devi’. While his phenomenal debut ‘Laya’ was a percussive take on ambient and third stream minimalism, ‘Devi’ is a forceful statement of what contemporary drum music can sound like today.


Watoo is a gathering of three musicians from the jazz, ethno, Krautrock and psychedelic scene of Munich. Sascha Luer (Embryo) on saxophone, trumpet, flute and bass, Sebastian Wolfgruber (Embryo, LBT, Fazer) on drums and Andi Kainz (Karaba) on keyboards will offer a Watoo session as it occurs only once in the universe. The trio moves between improvisation and recognizable interaction and uses instant composition to convey listener’s sound awareness between cartoon dream landscapes and space battles.