JISR + Booty Carrell

Fr. 03.12.21

Konzert + DJ

Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 19:00

19.00 Booty Carrell
20.00 JISR

JISR // Brücke

JISR means bridge in Arabic. Rooted in several musical genres, this unconventionally orchestrated musical project builds bridges between Arabian, African Gnawa, Jazz, Rock and classical music and takes the path of maximum musical variation and improvisation. The outcome is a homogeneous mix of cultures for sensitive ears.
Their current album TOO FAR AWAY, JISR // BRÜCKE is an ethnographic snapshot of the multicultural music scene, which breaks the boundaries between different musical genres and fills the maximum of musical imagination, unconventionally instrumented and with a great longing for strange sound worlds. JISR // BRÜCKE are hailing from Munich, Germany. In support of Sebastian Reier own DJ Booty Carrell will present vinyl records for those disenfranchised by nightlife.

Booty Carrell

Vinyl Archaeology / Minority Pop Pleasures
Booty Carrell is the DJ alias of Vinyl archaeologist, Golden Pudel resident and outernational deejay Sebastian Reier. Carrell does his research in the deep spaces of the vinyl universe. He digs into the second wave of musical globalization. And he sets off where musicians around the world have started to melt regional traditions with a western gesture. Be it in Turkey, Iran, Romania, Pakistan, France or even Germany — Carrell is known to deliver minority pop and neglected world hits that can turn the world upside down. But first it’ll make you dance! “Making Global Sound Local” is the slogan of his DJ crew B-Music that can be found around Andy Votel and Doug Shipton‘s record label Finders Keepers. For years, Booty Carrell has been keeping the dance floors in Europe burning and catering music in the Hamburg-based record store Groove City. His show Groovie Shizzl is broadcasted bi-weekly on the internet radio station ByteFM. From September 2020 he will be taking care of music at Münchner Kammerspiele in Munich, Germany.

»Booty Carrell is a vinyl archaeologist, an outernational DJ who is known for his efforts towards reviving neglected world hits, an effort that has had a huge impact in the past. It appears that the role of the DJ is undergoing a change. Instead of just playing recorded music, it seems that now the scope is being widened. His work is now more than just his choice of music to be played; it is the sequencing, the selection and then what everyone in that particular group can be best entertained with, the improvisational ability as to what to play, which may not have been scripted beforehand but can be only done by reliance on instinctual responses.« — Sarwat Ali, The News on Sunday (Pakistan)

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