Karpusi Feta: Griechischer Kurzfilmabend + Konzert w/ Melis Çom

Do. 10.08.23

PHRE Festival


Einlass: 20:00

Beginn: 21:00

Freiluft-Sommerkino unterm Sternenhimmel. Bringt Decken, Kissen, Liegen – Alles was gemütlich ist.

Filme Teil 01: 21:00-22:30

– The Grocery Store
– The Airport
– The Backpack
– Atropos
– Interview

Musik von Melis Çom: 22:40-23:30 Uhr

Filme Teil 02: 23:40-01:00 Uhr

– 37 Days
– Incidentally
– Generator
– Monica
– Stille Amare

1. The Grocery Store

Achilles works in his father’s grocery store and still lives with his parents. Today, a day that starts like any other, Achilles has an additional problem, he is frustrated. Mrs. Voula will need Achilles‘ help with carrying fruits and vegetables. On this route to Mrs. Voula’s kitchen, Achilles will recognize his problems and try to solve them.

2. The Airport

On some provincial Greek island, the August holidays are coming to an end and Mrs. Roula will return to Athens today by plane. At the local airport Mrs. Roula will meet Prokopis.The only airport employee. A man for all jobs. Mrs. Roula in the eyes of Prokopis sees a person with perspective, who has forgotten to be happy with the little things in life. She will try to convince him to get on the plane for the first time in his life and travel. After all, that’s what the zodiac signs say in the local newspaper. An obstacle to her effort will be Alkis, the undertaker of the island, who came to the airport to pick up Antonakis, who arrives moment by moment. Horizontally.

3. The Backpack

Mary has just stolen a load of clothes. The city drifts her away to seek refuge in an Orthodox Church. At the sight of the unexpected visitor, Father Alekos sees a huge opportunity to escape from his routine. It will be followed by a joint, absurd for the Orthodox Church, confession.

4. Atropos

An actor receives a proposal to star in a short film, but as he reads the script, he becomes aware of something peculiar that might occur. Now, he faces a crucial decision of whether to confront the situation or ignore it entirely.

5. Interview

A Job interview: The process in which a potential employee is evaluated by the employer with the prospect of employment in a specific position. During this process, the employer hopes to determine whether the applicant is a good fit for the role.

Melis Çom

Melis Çom was born in Mersin/Turkey, where she began her first harp education. After she moved to İstanbul in 2010, continued her education at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Conservatory. In 2012/2013, she was in Paris for one year, at Conservatoire à Rayonnement Regional de Boulogne- Billancourt Paris. In the same year she was finalist in the Concours International de Harpe Jeunes Talents Martine Geliot. Melis Çom had lived in İstanbul ten years and played with many orchestra and also focused her own Projects as ArplıYoga. During these years she had also the position as a harp teacher in L’Ecole Francophone de Musique d’Istanbul. In 2019, she moved to Munich to complete her master with Cristina Bianchi at Hochschule für Musik und Theater München. After she graduated her master with the highest grade, she made second Master on New Musik, in the same university and focused on new sound possibilities with harp. In 2022, she won a DAAD prize about New Music.

6. 37 Days

Maria works at a nail salon. She’s working off the books, without insurance or benefits. She’s also 9 months pregnant. One day she’s suddenly fired. The same night, she has an unsettling dream. She wakes up from the dream certain that she will not go into labor until she gets her job back. And so, Maria’s „Birth strike” begins.The phenomenon of childbirth delaying after the due date is quite natural but nowadays doctors usually induce labour to speed up the process. Maria refuses to have her labor induced. In Greece when people meet a pregnant woman they wish her “Kali lefteria” which means “I wish you freedom”.

7. Incidentally…

During the preparation of a festive dinner, Elpida will answer in a survey. Distracted from the conversation, it will lead her to the revelation of a well-hidden secret.

8. Generator

Savas, a fifty year old father, living in Athens sees his life collapsing in front of him. He decides to go for a way out that doesn’t seem to exist.

9. Monica

Monica wanted to become hair dresser, when she was young…
Things went wrong…This is her story…
(Based on a real interview with a human trafficking victim.)

10. Stille Amare

Stille amare is a short movie born out of the trepidation of the most unusual year of this century. It’s an intimate glimpse into the loneliness, the loss and stillness that surrounds us when we are kept separate from one another. At the same time it is an ardent plea for the healing power of art.




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