Labess + Chedi & Malèke

Sa. 12.08.23

PHRE Festival

Outdoor, Indoor

Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 20:00

Es gibt noch ein paar wenige Karten an der Abendkasse. There are few tickets left at the door.

Labess (ALGR, FR)

Labess is a journey.It begins in Alger, in the working-class district of Hussein-Dey.
Nedjim Bouizzoul grew up surrounded by the chaâbi music of his musical „big brothers“.
Carried by the freedom with which music travels, and the Arabic language when it frees itself from literary codes. He is thirsty for elsewhere. Nedjim is looking for his voice, his way. Deep inside him, a call resounds, that of his guitar and of North America. It was with his family, his mother and his sisters that he migrated to Quebec. He was 18 years old.
There, he plays in the street or in the metro, to earn enough money to have a coffee or to eat. Nedjim Bouizzoul defines himself as a street musician. Self-taught, he discovers the concert cafés and who says journey says meeting. Then came his first musical collaborations. Encouraged, he understands by playing with others that the exile lived
intimately is conjugated in the plural. This is the birth of Labess, the name of the group and of the first album, in French: Tout va bien (2007). A music open to the four winds o the world: African sounds, gypsy rumba, flamenco…

Finally, to the question who am I? Nedjim answers: „a little from each country I visit, a little from each musician I meet“. A plural and intimate music. Inhabited. Free.

Chedi & Malèke (TN, MUC)

Malèke and Chedi are Munich Based DJs that have brought the dance floors in Import Export to an insatiable groove on Multiple Occasions.With their roots scattered over thousands of kilometres – in North Africa, they reminisce in melodies of Folk,Mezwed aand Funk stemming from their culture.

Das dritte Jahr in Folge kehrt der blaue Schiffscontainer mit Einbauküche nach München zurück! Über den Tellerrand und das Import Export laden ein: Zum gemeinsamen Kochen und natürlich Essen.

Das ÜDT Team, die Community, das Import Export Team, Künstler*innen und Gäste – alle sind willkommen!

Jeden Samstag ab 15 Uhr wird gekocht und um 19:00 Uhr gemeinsam gegessen!



20 € + Gebühren

23 €