Live Coding Algorave

Di. 07.05.24


Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 19:00

Dark empty corridors filled with the last breath of the ancient lemurian sorceress somewhere in between cryptic binary iron melting into the flesh of the newborn and the primal scream of the pandemonium matrix unfolding in your prefrontal cortex. To transform the crypt from its inner structure to mutable objects and interchange our bodies in the vibrations of algorithmic behavior, there will be the first algorave at impex tomorrow night. These sonic tools are labelled as music categories to social engineer our innermost environment.


Ralt144MI, builds hybrid pieces of video memories mixed in an aquatic universe as the result of revisiting a large stock of Family video tapes of scuba diving. The music, live-coded, will become a support for the visuals, made through an analog video synthesizer, interacting and evolving with them,

Oscillating between technoid music and electro-acoustic works. Focusing on some form of technological archiving by using live- coding to control old or obsolete gears and technologies.


From Brazil, Atibaia (São Paulo) and currently in Paris, an art student seeks to articulate a research between theory and practice – trying to listen when one appears in the other. As in sculpture and its interpolation with space at the border of movement and static; in photography and cinema in front of the limits of the photographic device as a language device; or in music it addresses the issue of space in musical time, synthesis by reverberation, stochastic synthesis, limiar timbres of acoustic instruments and noise.


The alienation from work has advanced so far in bullshit jobs that no product is being produced anymore from which the worker can be alienated. Accordingly, it is only consistent to give musical expression to the resulting chronic depression and irritability, whereby sound sources and musical instruments are also no longer recognizable as such: self-made electronic gadgets, whose components come from low-wage countries, custom controllers made from obsolete smartphones rescued from toxic landfills in West Africa, as well as unrecognizable samples generated in a specially programmed software create a dystopian sonic landscape. Residuum is Post-Industrial Music for Post-Industrial People.