Behind the Green Door pres. Minami Deutsch + Hodo Gaia

Di. 09.08.22


Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 20:00

19.00 Einlass
19.45 Hodo Gaia
20.30 Minami Deutsch

Minami Deutsch

Minami Deutsch is a Krautrock band from Tokyo. Formed by Kyotaro Miula in 2014, they got their start playing live music on the busy streets of Tokyo. This lead to their participation in Krautrock Night, a party hosted by Tokyo Psych Fest, and later a tour of Taiwan. In September, 2015, they released their first record through the English cult label Cardinal Fuzz Records. This album is excellent, and essential listening for lovers of ’70s motorik in the vein of Neu!, Harmonia, and Kraftwerk. Stripped back to the absolute essentials, each song locks squarely in the groove and begins unfurling its color-soaked fractals. There is not a single bum vibe on this album, yet it’s made by human hands and not by machines. It’s how each song breathes and how it grows in the soil that frees it from the cold, mechanical “motorik” stereotype. At times dreamy and evocative and at others electrifying in its energy.

Hodo Gaia

Weaving far-reaching influences into one organic braid, wandering through cosmic soundscapes and unleashing from limits and borders, is what brought Aiko, Veit and Jan together and inspired them to create a project that blends impressionism, avant-garde pop music, Krautrock and psychedelic scores from the 60s and 70s into one musical portrait.



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