Naturaleza Suprema

Mi. 22.11.23


Einlass: 20:00

Beginn: 21:00

Naturaleza Suprema

Naturaleza Suprema, is a Colombian rap group formed by the mc´s Lucía Vargas, Karen Tovar and Dj Km1kc, whose content it’s a critical view of the social – violent, political and environmental reality. From its beginnings, the group has been linked to different social claims, participating through their music, in innumerable worker´s festivals, support to base organizers, enforced disappearances and social actions in defense of human rights and nature rights. They stand out for their feminist lyrics with social content and community activism.

Tiempos De Emancipación it ’s Naturaleza Suprema´s new longrunning album. Feminist and activist.In their lyrics they report social and cultural poorness, and position themselves in favor of woman rights and against gender violence. Tiempos de Emancipación, its promptly inspired by what lead to the social outbreak in Colombia. This production also pays tribute in life to Colombians ancestral communities, those who are fighting for the defense of their territories from the destruction provoked by megaminning and environmental exploitation in Colombia.

Gegen Tanzverbot und stille Feiertage! – diese Veranstaltung wurde möglich gemacht durch den Bund für Geistesfreiheit München



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