new basement pres.: Indirekt Grell + Prohibition Prohibition

Fr. 23.02.24


Einlass: 20:00

Beginn: 20:30

new basement

„Youth culture, DIY, right now!”. This should be the goal in all basements of the city. With great role models from various teen rock scenes (Brixton/London, Chicago, Melbourne, Seoul, Philadelphia etc.), the young music dorks called ‘newbs’ decided to redefine many things within the local music scene for themselves. The deal is to play shows and meet new friends, create connections between local bands and friends from out of town. This time with Rosenheim’s Post-Punk band Indirekt Grell & local noise engine Prohibtion Prohibition. After the gig, the concert space will transform into a hangout space with a bunch of music listening opportunities. Bring records.

This night is for fans of Black Midi, Fontaines D.C., Squid, Unwound etc.

Indirekt Grell (Post Punk / Math Rock)

Three figures on the dark blue. A scene in the room. INDIREKT GRELL is post-punk in a very classic trio line-up and yet the sound is unexpected at first. The main focus of the young group from the southern German province is on their artistic expression. Anything that is being like is allowed. The lyrics are abstract and the music ranges from spherical clouds of sound to booming DIY noise. Live, it sounds floating but also catchy. Concrete. Loud but also quiet. The contrasts are what appeals the most to the band.

On their tape „ins Nichts“ (Butzen Records), the songs are more delicate. It was produced and mixed entirely by the three young artists themselves. Worked down to the last detail. A wild experiment – and yet a continuous story. Benedikt Karl (guitar), who also lets off steam as a techno/dub artist, adds sounds from the world of electro to the sound. His brother Quirin Karl (drums) and Raphael Schrank (bass) complete the unique style with their instruments.

Prohibition Prohibition (Post Punk / Post Rock)

Prohibition Prohibition is a brand new daring project from Munich already known for their mind blasting noise-machine-like live performances. Dealing with the fragile terminology of Post-Punk, the band dares to push the definition forward whilst holding on to the essential roots of the genre. Noisy guitars meeting brute drums, narrating vocals on a carpet of punching basslines. Their debut EP ‘Built From Nothing Else’ only marks the beginning of a rolling noise machine.



8 €

10-15 €