new basement pres. plainhead + ronja + Hallway

Fr. 17.11.23

Konzert + DJ


Einlass: 20:00

Beginn: 20:30

new basement

„Youth culture, DIY, right now! (but friendly, absurd and silly). This should be the goal in all basements of the city. With great role models from various teen rock scenes (Brixton/London, Chicago, Melbourne, Seoul, Philadelphia etc.), the young music dorks called ‘newbs’ decided to redefine many things within the local music scene for themselves. The deal is to play shows and meet new friends, create connections between local bands and friends from out of town.This month it’s a lineup for all the SHOEGAZERS: plainhead (Slacker/Gaze) + ronja (Ambient/Folk) + Hallway (Indie Rock)!!!!!!!!!!! (This event will give you a heart attack if you like Alex G, Duster, Grouper, Pavement, Swirlies etc.)


plainhead (shoegaze)

The goal is to become the loudest band in town!“ Well that is not (entirely) true. „Mom! The music isn’t even that loud!“ but they definitely will resonate with your inner windows, shaking them up until they break apart.

Next to their teenage dream of becoming the Sunn O))) of Bavaria, writing good songs will forever be the main goal within the bedroom walls. The gang of friends (aka the band) Chris, Lorenz, Jan, Kai & Don turn it up on stage – infectious fun mixed with crushing sadness in between the noise. Kind of like a synthesis of Alex G + bands such as Duster & early Animal Collective.

Heavily influenced by modern noisecrushers from Philadelphia + more, they are like dogs who were trained to stick to the mission to bring the GAZE into town.

ronja  (ambient/folk)

ronja is a multi instrumentalist and songwriter based in Berlin. Her new EP «For Annette» was conceived over the span of one year, recorded and produced in her studio in Berlin and at «Kunglinga Musikhögskolan» in Stockholm with additional production by Luka Aron. It contains candid songwriting, hazy but detailed guitar figures; ethereal, multi-layered flute pieces and a voice full of vibrant sensitivities.

With her latest release «something about us», ronja defines her songwriting: candid, multi-dimensional, soft but loud, and full of heart. Her music has become an introspective world unto itself. Her delivery is light, insistent – the tone you would use to convey passing thoughts to your dearest person in the room. – Acna Rusd, 2021

Apart from her solo project, ronja is part of the dream gaze band Roomer. She has collaborated and performed with many progressive musicians and artists such as Ludwig Wandinger, Magro, Luka Aron, J. Mahon (Emerson Snowe), P. A. Hülsenbeck and many more. She is currently touring the EU with M. Byrd.

Hallway (Indie Rock)

Heavily influenced by post-Elliott Smith bands, the Munich project Hallway finds its niche somewhere between youthful lightness and teenage angst. Hallway combines different sounds being mainly inspired by indie rock bands of the late 2000s. Together with its folk influences, it creates a mix of Singer-songwriter, coming-of-age indie and a tiny bit of EMO. Singer Alma gives open and unfiltered insights into her emotional world, which she herself is only just beginning to understand; sometimes as personal as if you were taking a look at her diary. Sweet to the ears and usually sore to the heart.



8 €

10 - 15 €