new basement pres. Release Show: Hallway w/ The Sounds They Made + hard drive recovery club

Fr. 26.04.24


Einlass: 20:00

Beginn: 20:30

new basement

„Youth culture, DIY, right now!”. This should be the goal in all basements. With great role models from various basement scenes (Brixton/London, Chicago, Melbourne, Seoul, Philadelphia etc.), the members of new basement decided to redefine many things within the local music scene for themselves. The deal is to play shows and meet new friends, create connections between local bands and friends from out of town. This month we are all coming together to celebrate the release of local rock group Hallway’s first EP! There will be a CD and some tapes, we have a greaaat lineup w/ The Sounds They Made and more.

Hallway (Indie Rock / Shoegaze)

Hallway plays the American sound of Indie Rock. Heavily influenced by post-Elliott Smith bands, the Munich project Hallway finds its niche somewhere between youthful lightness and teenage angst. The band combines different sounds being mainly inspired by slacker rock bands of the 90s and art rock of the late 2000s. Together with their folk influences, it creates a mix of Singer-songwriter, coming-of-age indie and a tiny bit of EMO. Songwriter Alma gives open and unfiltered insights into her own world, sometimes as personal as if you were taking a look into her diary. Sweet to the ears and usually sore to the heart. Hallway’s self-titled EP is coming out a week before the show!


The Sounds They Made

hard drive recovery club

100% recovered songs for recovering from a everlong busride.




8 € (+ Geb.)