HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! Auch im Januar hat das Import Export leider geschlossen.

Pension Noise #14

So. 05.05.19

Galerie Kullukcu & Gregorian

Beginn: 17:00

Abraham Wurstkessel

„Always up for some strange surprises: Strange & intrigueing beats get layered and collide with each other forming the basis for spiralistic trips. Also involved in the Panzerschokolade events in Vienna.“


„Frank Vis is a Amsterdam based, very active Noise Artists, Label owner and Performer, known for unpredictible set ups, uncountable numbers of collaborations and a high vary of sound shapes, ranging from quiet and subtle soundscapes to harshest noise walls. ‚Vestas‘ is his newest soloproject and only he knows what to expect from this.“

zs zs

(Zeynep Sarıkartal, vienna)

Meng Qi

Chinesischer Synthesizer-Pionier, Lehrer und Universalkünstler aus China.