Peyman Salimi ft. Sanam Maroufkhani

Do. 09.05.24


Einlass: 19:30

Beginn: 20:00

Peyman Salimi and Sanam Maroufkhani join forces for their first-ever joint concert! After the success of their single ‚Nahan,‘ gaining popularity in the Iranian alternative music scene, the duo brings their distinct sound to Amsterdam’s Mezrab Cafe on May 5th and Munich’s Import Export on May 9th. Blending Persian and American indie influences, both artists promise a moving experience with their soulful vocals. Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Peyman Salimi

Peyman Salimi is an Iranian-Italian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and music producer based in NYC/Brussels. With a musical career spanning over a decade, Peyman has established himself as a mature artist with a high level of musical background. He has successfully integrated his Persian origins with English-style songwriting, resulting in a unique blend of influences in his music.

Peyman released his first solo album, „The Curtain,“ in 2008. A couple of years later, he founded the band The Allophones and served as its leader for nine years. During this time, he continued to refine his musical style and experiment with various elements.

In 2019, Peyman returned to his solo career and released his second album, „Won Now.“ The album further highlighted his ability to create music that combines folk influences with minimal electronic textures and loops. His guitar skills and soulful vocals are prominent features of his music, with a focus on creating a refined adult alternative pop/rock sound.

Peyman’s upcoming release, scheduled for June 2023, is his highly anticipated third solo album, titled „The Psychology of Letting Go” which is anticipated to offer a cohesive narrative or thematic structure that guides listeners through the emotional journey of serial monogamy. Fans of Peyman’s previous work can look forward to a deeply introspective and musically engaging experience when the album is released in June 2023.

Sanam Maroufkhani

Sanam, born in Tehran in 1996, is an independent singer-songwriter and lyricist based in Amsterdam. She is active not only as a singer-songwriter but also as a pianist and self-producer. Currently, Sanam is honing her craft at The Conservatory of Amsterdam, where she is studying piano and voice with a specific focus on songwriting and music production. Her artistic journey is driven by a deep desire to bridge the gap between her eastern roots and the innovative approach of western songwriting in the realm of pop music.



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