Prater Sessions: Cellz + Fred Red + Loni Elle

Do. 13.06.24

Konzert, DJ, Ausstellung

Einlass: 18:00

Beginn: 18:00


The German/South African vocalist and saxophone talent delivers fresh perspectives to melodies and writing, blending Neo Soul and Alternative R&B. Renowned for his collaborations with producers worldwide, Cellz constantly pushes his artistic boundaries, exploring new sounds and styles. This dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed, with Cellz being recognized as an original talent by tastemakers across the globe. From intimate live performances to polished studio recordings, Cellz’s music is a journey that invites listeners to immerse themselves fully in the experience. Munich All-Stars Packed Rich (Keys), Osono (Guitar), Black Pepper (Bass) and Vincent Crusius (Drums) join Cellz on stage to connect in creativity. On April 12th Cellz unveiled his EP, „Love Is That Space“, where he reflects on love and friendship, transforming ruptures into opportunities for growth and freedom.

Fred Red

Fred Red, the Berlin based nu fusion producer and dj, crawled out of his lab in the early 2020s with ear-peaking singles and remixes followed by his debut album „Grimus“ together with vocalist Maura -which got released on the established German Label „Sichtexot“. From obscure listening events to hip-shaking dancefloors, Fred Red has proven his ability to serve venues with urbane vinyl sets and live performances that provide an alternative program that is accessible for music nerds as well as casual listeners. Fred Red digs his way thoughtfully through the crates of rare organic grooves and contemporary hidden gems with great appreciation towards any genre. He has spinned records in Germany’s and Switzerland’s most notable and internationally known venues like Klunkerkranich (Berlin), Cassiopeia (Berlin), Mojo Club (Hamburg), Bamyan (St. Moritz). His versatile selection and reliable DJ-techniques allowed him to open up shows for artists like Natureboy Flako, Akua Naru, Suff Daddy, etc.

Loni Elle

Loni Elle is a multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire who demands attention. Since her debut single in 2021, she’s been weaving her musical magic across Munich’s concert venues, captivating audiences with her solo project and collaborations across diverse musical endeavors. Her luminous voice, coupled with her masterful command of instruments like the piano, guitar, trumpet, flugelhorn, and saxophone, sets her apart as a true virtuoso.

Street Portraits – South Africa by Ruan Van Jaarsveldt

Over a decade working in fashion and advertising taught Ruan Van Jaarsveldt a variety of technical skills. Taking those skills out into the streets of South Africa, he created a studio outside on the street ensuring engagement with all sorts of people from all walks of life. The studio consisted only of a white back drop and an assistant with a reflector. And so, a journey of South Africans and their everyday selves ensued and examined his own identity through their gaze. Reflecting on his own heritage and cultural identity as an Afrikaner and young South African, the people Juan meets on the street are continuously mirroring his own position in society and feelings about it back to him, accompanying him on his path of self-discovery through street photography.



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