Spring of Iranian Jazz in Munich

Sa. 26.03.22


Einlass: 19:00

Beginn: 20:00

After the first pre-corona festival of the Spring of Jazz in Paris, a line-up of Iranian/French jazz musicians curated by Arshid Azarine will gather in Paris for the second edition of this festival. We are lucky that the group has accepted our invitation to Munich to host their musical fusion of Persian Jazz, which provides a chance of a dialogue between the Persian Jazz and the local jazz scene of Munich. During this performance, Arshid is accompanied by Habib Meftah (Trio Joubran, Titi Robin), Hervé de Ratuld (Cerrone, Osman Toure), Mahyar Tahmasbi (Pallett Band), Soheil Peyghambari (Quartet Diminished), and Sascha Lüer(Embryo). The event will be held at the creative quartier of Munich, Import-Export.

Persian Jazz

Persian Jazz started in 1950s, when American Jazz pianist Lloyd Miller- aka Alias Khourosh Ali Khan initiated the genre. After a long journey and slow improvements, Arshid, based in Paris, was one of those who helped the „Persian Jazz“ to be revealed and be formed as the way we know it today. Despite the fundamental differences between classical Persian music and Jazz music, they are both based on improvisation and jam sessions, which allows the dialogue between the two worlds. Coming from different musical backgrounds, Arshid and his team also bring their own tastes to this dialogue, which makes the outcome their unique music and performance.

Students: 10 € (with the code: studentPatogh – a valid student-ID required at the entrance)

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14 €

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