STP FWD #17 Concrete Lion w/ KAI DUB & Dubtronics & Macka Dub & LA Violinista

Fr. 20.10.23



Einlass: 22:00

Beginn: 22:00

Concrete Lion w/ KAI DUB & Dubtronics (UK) & Macka Dub & LA Violinista powered by Free Mind Soundsystem

Two mighty producer bredrins, Dubtronics and Kai Dub joined forces to create Concrete Lion, showcasing their musical works on their new platform. Mainly Concrete Lion is a newly built sound system that represents both Birmingham And Bristol in the UK. They also represent the rising next generation of dub sound system and will be sure to bring a bag of heavy dubwise pressure.


From Birmingham, is King Earthquake’s nephew, officially coming from that school and making music since 2006, not only is he influenced by King Earthquake in both music and sound system, his production style also has influences from Angus Digital. He definitely comes with the next generation arawak style but in his own flavour.

Jermel ‘KAI DUB’

A Bristol based producer and operator formerly coming from the Maasai Warrior Sound System, was one of the crucial founding members operating since 2010 since their launch, but before that making music since 2006. Kai Dub also comes from the King Earthquake school and is largely inspired by him, through Maasai Warrior has travelled and played sessions across the United Kingdom, Europe and Mexico. He has also released his music on vinyl, previously Maasai Warrior records and now currently running his Dub Forward label and nights. the people will know his iconic style.

Look out! Concrete Lion will definitely be one of the crucial future sounds.

Powered by the mighty Free Mind Soundsystem and supported from Macka Dub on the Melodica and La. Violinista on the Violin this night at Import Export will be one to remember.