STP FWD #18 Sumac Dub & Free Mind Soundsystem

Fr. 05.01.24


Einlass: 22:00

Beginn: 22:00

Free Mind Soundsystem presents you another session full of vibes and energy. With the full power of our custom sound system we get the bar dancing and the walls shaking again. This time as a guest: Sumac Dub from France. Trained violinist and compulsive traveler, Sumac Dub found in music a way to create unknown worlds that he explores without limits. It is through these various journeys in Asia and the Middle East that the artist draws his inspiration. Rich in multiple musical influences and largely influenced by current electro dub scene, Sumac gives birth to a dub in which harmony and power come together brilliantly. It is live, always accompanied by his violin, that the artist comes to record his identity in a real fusion of raw energy and mystical delicacy. Chills guaranteed!



12 €