Taxi Salon: hÄK / Danzeisen + Jiyoung Wi + Adam Golebiewski + Panty Paradise + DTLV Doom

Sa. 18.05.24

Konzert, Clubnight

Einlass: 21:00

Beginn: 21:00

The next Taxi Salon Edition will focus on electroacoustic interference signals. Composed sounds develop into deconstructed rhythms. In the salon, sound, body and machine culminate in a multilayered assemblage.

hÄK / Danzeisen (Berlin)

One must imagine hÄK / Danzeisen as a man-machine apparatus. A collection of cables, resonating bodies and restless limbs that together question all routines. Who overthrow conventional role of instruments and explore the possibilities of a new sound language. Bernd Norbert Würtz alias hÄK operates modular synthesizers, self-soldered circuits and control knobs. Philipp Danzeisen plays a drum kit enhanced with triggers and sensors. These two poles are connected to an interdependent whole in which a constant musical dialogue takes place. The dependencies within this system have been meticulously defined by hÄK / Danzeisen: Drum rolls and sound modulations are interconnected in such a way that there is no contradiction between the strict technological structure and the creative outburst that is possible at any time.

Jiyoung Wi (The Hague / Seoul)

Jiyoung Wi is a writer and musician originally from Seoul currently based in The Hague. As an improvisational music performer, she delves into the nuances of the untrained body, pushing the boundaries where the linear flow of time is disrupted. She achieves this by wielding her ‚instrument‘ in a non-canonical and raw manner, infusing her performances with a harsh yet captivating energy. Additionally, she employs electronic elements to accentuate and amplify this unconventional approach, creating an immersive sonic experience that defies traditional norms. She released her first EP ‘Accept all cookies’ from ENXPL, a joint series between labels Enmossed(US) and Psychic Liberation(DE) in 2024.

Adam Golebiewski (Poznań)

Adam Golebiewski is an experimental musician, composer and musicologist who uses drums and self-made objects to explore the basic characteristics of sound: volume, timbre, register and time, as well as their relationship to the performer’s body. He has performed and recorded with many artists, such as Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore, Kevin Drumm, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark, John Edwards, Sharif Sehnaoui, Mazen Kerbaj, Pierre Jodlowski among many others.

Panty Paradise (Munich)

Panty Paradise „queer-transbian art machine“ are Veronica Burnuthian and Aelita Le Quément. Both artists know each other from the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and work as a duo since 2022. They paint together with oil, acrylic and spray cans, produce digital works, zines, videos and music. They play with analog synthesizers and drum machines and make electronic music. They use samples from cartoons, coupled with atmospheric noise and complex beats.

DTLV Doom (Munich)

Taxi Salon is a series of events organized by Import Export.
Booking/Programm: Johannes Kuhn



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