Taxi Salon: Farida Amadou + Suzan Peeters + Nina Garcia / Maria Bertel + Masako Ohta + mœbs

Fr. 20.09.24


Einlass: 20:00

Beginn: 20:00

The next Taxi Salon Edition assembles international artists from the field of electroacoustic improvisation. The instrumental definitions are radicalized until the spectrum of new music expands to noise.

Farida Amadou (Brussels)

Farida Amadou is a musician based in Brussels. The electric bass is her main instrument. Soon Farida started to dive into improvisation music and collaborated with musicians like Thurston Moore, Peter Brötzmann, among other occasional featuring such as Jerusalem in My Heart and Moor Mother.

Masako Ohta (Munich / Tokyo)

The Japanese pianist Masako Ohta, coming from Tokyo, is active in the fields of classical and new music, improvisation, film scoring, and theatre music compositions. She is intensively involved with poetry, sound and music from Japan, Europe and other cultures and creates intercultural and interdisciplinary projects and concert series.

Suzan Peeters (Brussels)

Suzan Peeters is a belgian accordionist, experimentalist and improviser based in Brussels. Suzan is constantly looking for new timbres and sound textures within her accordion. She extends the acoustic sound spectrum of the accordion by manipulating the bellows, preparing the instrument as well as using live electronics. She founded duo NAAN with flutist Nathalie Van Meirvenne, which focuses on free improvisation and experimental sounds.

Nina Garcia (Paris) / Maria Bertel (Copenhagen)

With each of their concerts trombone player Maria Bertel and guitarist Nina Garcia push themselves and their instruments to the limits. Bertel and Garcia posess the absolute desire for intensity. Their means of expression are feedback, drones, crackling, short circuits, overtones, and random harmonies. Nina Garcia lives in Paris. Performing under the moniker Mariachi, her music is published by the record label Na Lagos. Maria Bertel, also known from her projects Self-Pouring and Bad Asthma, lives in Denmark and is a member of the Copenhagen music collective eget værelse. In 2024 they released their new album KNÆKKET SMIL on the label KRAAK.

mœbs (Munich)

The DJ creates a fragile and reconnecting structure between the concerts. He produces a vision that makes the listener focus on the great hidden details.

Taxi Salon is a series of events organized by Import Export.
Booking/Programm: Johannes Kuhn



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