The return of Behind The Green Door + Nicolini (Nic Mauskovic) • Ausverkauft

Mi. 02.06.21

Konzert, DJ Set

Einlass: 18:00

Beginn: 18:00

Die Veranstaltung ist restlos ausverkauft. Wir bitten euch ohne Ticket NICHT vorbei zu kommen! Wir bitten euch um euer Verständnis.

Welcome back behind the green door!
It’s finally time to come together again, talk, d̶a̶n̶c̶e̶, laugh and enjoy the unbroken spirit of a deeply missed community!
The oriental (beer)gardens of Import Export are the best place to celebrate this and rekindle the magic of our absent love.
We already can hear the sirens sing a cheerful chant of joy as we blow of the dust of our favorite records and pack up the wildest „Psychedelic Porn Funk“ mix you can imagine.

Nicolini (Nic Mauskovic)
Welcome to Nicolini’s wonderful world of surprise – Penni’s Palace. Here you will find zebra-chairs and matchbox countachs, colourful tv-screens and Penni the cat presiding over proceedings. You will also find Nicolini, hunched over his MPC or Casio keyboards, sweeping the EQs to make the sounds move, jamming out his songs in heavy microdoses. They are the sounds of machines and the city – Amsterdam centre to be precise – brought to life with volts of electricity.
Dubby Crunch Wave

JJ Whitefield
Thur Deephrey
special guest
very special guest
and more surprises … keep your eyes peeled!

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Anzahlung über VVK: 5 €