winter basement pres. Neue Lust: Rambo Kasablanka & .bozo + PILLBERT + Winter Cover Carousel + Indie Disko

Fr. 22.12.23

Konzert, DJ

Einlass: 20:30

Beginn: 20:30

new basement

„Youth culture, DIY, right now! (but friendly, absurd and silly). This should be the goal in all basements of the city. With great role models from various teen rock scenes (Brixton/London, Chicago, Melbourne, Seoul, Philadelphia etc.), the young music dorks called ‘newbs’ decided to redefine many things within the local music scene for themselves. The deal is to play shows and meet new friends, create connections between local bands and friends from out of town.This month it is a holiday special. Winter Basement returns. This time with Vienna’s Slacker Rockers Neue Lust (Rambo Kasablanka & .bozo) & the warm ambience created by songwriter and sound artist PILLBERT. After the gig, the concert space will transform into an annual party where friends from town are playing covers and dancing to hit songs only.

Neue Lust: Rambo Kasablanka & .bozo (shoegaze / indie rock)

The Vienna collective Neue Lust aka Rambo Kasablanka & .bozo are especially known for their love for toast sandwiches and awfully well written songs. Dubbed as the LoFi heroes in their friend groups with influences such as Weatherday, Grauzone & Eyedress, they plug into their amps without concern and let everything flow. Moving in between the borders of shoegaze / indie & slacker rock, Neue Lust sounds as if The Strokes have had a stroke or if The Microphones were only recorded by one microphone (that of a phone).

PILLBERT (ambient & textures / songwriter)

Sounds like a stuffed animal’s nickname. In fact, it is the nickname of the cuddly toy owner. The child is now an adult and the nickname has remained as the stage name under which the songwriter and sound artist Lili writes her music. Her bedroom recordings create haunting snapshots with different textures and soundscapes creating a lush and cozy atmosphere. Influences from Phoebe-Bridgers, King Krule and Radiohead resonate in their post-ambient lo-fi chamber pop.

Winter Cover Carousel x Indie Disko (annual special)

This is once a year only! Friends from town will come on stage and play cover songs. This may get very wild but also very beautiful. Playing hits, doing fun pop cultural references and drinking hot wine. A snapshot of covers from last year: Prohibition Prohibition doing ‘Anna’ by Raketenumschau, Hallway doing ‘Consequence’ by The Notwist, Sha Mo doing ‘Crazy Train’ by Ozzy Osborne. And Everyone doing ‘Concorde’ by Black Country, New Road etc. etc. You get the gist.



8 € (+ Gebühren)

10 - 15 €