Yemen Blues

Fr. 01.11.24


Einlass: 20:00

Beginn: 21:00

Yemen Blues

Yemen Blues is a contradiction in plain sight. They’re a puzzle you unlock by finding the solution inside yourself. Solo voices in unison; a collective in many parts made up of founder Ravid Kahalani the talismanic audio guru; Shanir Blumenkranz with his twin role on bass guitar and oud spanning different worlds and different sonic systems; Rony Iwryn holding down the percussion chair, with an open heart, a thirst for salsa, and an ability to find strength in fragility; and Dan Mayo bringing a hip-hop crunch, a concentrated hunger for fun and a machine-like sense of the human groove.

Für Menschen mit geringem Einkommen gibt es die Möglichkeit, auf der Seite des KulturRaum München Freikarten für diese Veranstaltung zu erhalten.



25 € (+Geb.)

30 €