Yīn Yīn

So. 15.05.22


Einlass: 20:00

Beginn: 20:00

Analoge Magic Disco aus Maastricht – The Age of Aquarius Promo Tour

Dungeon Dragon Soundsystem, Behind The Green Door, Grotto Terrazza und Cucurucu zeigen:

YĪN YĪN’s dazzling second album dives even deeper into dancefloor propulsion and space travel atmospherics than their lauded debut The Rabbit that Hunts Tigers (2019). While there is an expanded sonic richness on the new album as samples, drum computers and otherworldly synthesizers intertwine with the band’s taut playing, more than anything The Age of Aquarius is a simple, direct appeal to dance. The record’s groove manifesto can be put down to YĪN YĪN’s experiences on the road, where the positive energies picked up from their audiences fed back into a sound that increasingly “kept people moving.” Funk and disco beats. Electro experimentation. Global retro vibes. A shimmering, cinematic sweep.

Für Menschen mit geringem Einkommen gibt es die Möglichkeit online, auf der Seite des KulturRaum München Freikarten für diese Veranstaltung zu erhalten.


17,50 €