Zarda Festival

Do. 04.07.24

Konzert, DJ

Outdoor, Indoor

Einlass: 18:30

Beginn: 18:30


18:30 Doors + Süperfly aka Tuncay Acar
19:15 Electroniq Maqams (by Aly Mrabet, Selim Arjoun & Nacim Gastli)
20:30 Benboo (by Bouthaina Nabouli & Benjemy)
22:00 Süperfly

One festival, three days, two locations and over 30 musicians, DJs, and performers.

Zarda Festival is a vibrant three-day celebration set to take place at Import Export and Zirka in Munich. This event, rooted in Tunisian culture, aims to bring the rich, diverse cultural traditions of Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) to Munich. The festival will celebrate culture, encompassing music, dance, food, arts and crafts from the SWANA region.

Over 30 international and local artists will be taking us on a musical and intercultural journey through SWANA and Europe.

Day 1: „Get to Know Your Artists“

Kick off the festival with an eclectic evening of music and mingling. Doors open at 18:00 with Süperfly aka Tuncay Acar, who takes you on a transcultural journey through his diverse vinyl collection. Experience Electroniq Maqams, a unique collaboration by Aly Mrabet, Nacim Gastli, and Selim Arjoun, offering a modern interpretation of Tunis Medina’s sounds. Benboo, featuring Bouthaina Nabouli and Benjemy, performs blending classical Arabic songs with contemporary rhythms. The evening wraps up with another vibrant set from Süperfly.

Electroniq Maqams (Aly Mrabet, Slim Arjoun, Nacim Gastli)

As part of L’Art Rue’s artistic residencies, Aly Mrabet takes you on a musical journey created with Nacim Gastli and in collaboration with Selim Arjoun. ‘Electroniq Maqams Live Act’ has the rhythm and cadence of the neighborhoods of the Tunis Medina. Here we’ve drawn on the city to create harmonies and melodies. The melody will alternate between electronic machines, keyboards, and piano and captured soundscapes.
Far removed from any form of folklore or revival of the traditional repertoire, this work is a subjective interpretation of today’s Tunis.
Marked by its sonorities, urban poetics, noisy machines, diverse steps, and spontaneous singers, ‘Electroniq Maqams Live Act’ takes us on a sonic journey mixing ordinary everyday stories with the great dramas and joys of the neighborhood.

Benboo: Bouthaina Nabouli and Benjemy

Born from the collaboration between Bouthaina Nabouli, with her deep, raspy voice rooted in classical Arabic tradition, and Benjemy, a DJ and producer in the electronic music scene, BENBOO has developed an eclectic style. Their music blends classical songs and covers of 20th-century Arab divas with contemporary rhythms, all infused into a festive, percussive electronic sound, without boundaries or compromises.

For the first time on stage with Zarda, the duo alternates between vocals, percussion, lute, and electronic machines, delivering a repertoire that transcends eras and offers a fusion of Arabic music with a fresh dancefloor spirit.

Süperfly aka Tuncay Acar

Raised in two „Funky Towns“ – Munich and Istanbul – Süperfly, aka Tuncay Acar, delves into Norientalism by transcending cultural, ethnic, geographic, chronological, and fictional boundaries and musical genres. His mission is to dismantle dominant identity concepts in dance music, paving the way for pure transcultural ecstasy. His vinyl collection, enriched with digital finds, spans genres such as Kurdish Halay, Gazinomuzik, Arabesk, Anatolian and Arabian Psychedelia, Electro and Hip Hop mashups, and remixes of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Psychedelic classics. This eclectic mix includes hits from Turkey, Greece, the Middle East, Egypt, Maghreb, North Africa, the Balkans, and Memphis/Tennessee, blended with Latin boogaloo to capture the vibrant spirit and heat of the southeast.

There is also a three day pass available!



12 € (+Geb.)

15 €