Zarda Festival

Sa. 06.07.24

Konzert, DJ

Outdoor, Indoor

Einlass: 15:30

Beginn: 15:30


15:30 Yoga Session w/ Ryma
15:30 Pottery Workshop w/Mariam
16:30 Dabke Workshop w/ Diam & Imad

17:15 Sara & The Boys
18:45 Jisr Music
20:15 Ghalia Benali

22:45 DJ Soly
1:00 Hazem B

One festival, three days, two locations and over 30 musicians, DJs, and performers.

Zarda Festival is a vibrant three-day celebration set to take place at Import Export and Zirka in Munich. This event, rooted in Tunisian culture, aims to bring the rich, diverse cultural traditions of Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) to Munich. The festival will celebrate culture, encompassing music, dance, food, arts and crafts from the SWANA region.

Over 30 international and local artists will be taking us on a musical and intercultural journey through SWANA and Europe.

Zarda Festival Day 3: Workshops and Performances

The final day starts with engaging workshops, including yoga, pottery, and Dabke. Sara & The Boys offer a Swana musical journey, blending soulful vocals with guitar, oud, and percussion. Jisr Music performs, fusing Arabic Maqam, Gnawa rhythms, world jazz, and Afro-Kraut.

Ghalia Benali takes the stage, delivering a powerful performance that blends multiple genres and cultures. Benali’s presence promises to be the pinnacle of the festival, drawing audiences into a rich, cultural tapestry of sound.

The night continues with DJ Soly’s energetic mix of Arabic music styles and concludes with DJ Hazem B, combining traditional North-African sounds with Afrohouse, ensuring the festival ends on a high and memorable note.

– Concerts –

Ghalia Benali

Ghalia Benali, known as “a maker of her own myths” as described by The New York Times, Ghalia Benali; the Tunisian-Belgian artist started her artistic career in 1992 as a singer, writer, composer, visual artist, painter, designer & actress. Blending different types of music, connecting different cultures; reviving the old and rooting the new are a natural outcome of mixing the two extremes she lived through. Born in Brussels, raised in south Tunisia. Her music has been noted for its attribution to multiple genres and defining contemporary Arabic music. “Carthage’s Aretha Franklin”, “Wind’s Daughter”, “Ambassador of the Arabic Culture”, “Om Kolthoum’s Granddaughter”, are just some of the titles she was given during her path.


„People build too many walls and not enough bridges.“ (Isaac Newton)
JISR جسر is a Munich collective led by the charismatic linguist, singer, percussionist, and gembri player Mohcine Ramdan. He has gathered some of Bavaria’s finest musicians to share his vision of an emotional pan-oriental sound, deeply rooted in the tradition of his musical family. Their live performances offer a unique fusion of Arabic Maqam, Gnawa music’s polyrhythms, World Spiritual Jazz, and a touch of Afro-Kraut, setting a new milestone in integrating the diversity of diasporic music in Europe into a stage program. Truly captivating and a must-see, JISR جسر, under the leadership of Mohcine Ramdan, follows the path of musical exchange like a postmodern Ibn Battuta of sound.

Sara & the boys:  A Swana Musical Journey

Sara and the Boys is a band based in Munich, Germany, combining Swana music flavors. Led by Sara Bustany from Lebanon, with Rafik Kamel and Peter Naguib from Egypt on guitar and keyboard, Aziz Ben Slimen from Tunisia on oud, and Karim Abbes on percussion, the band promises an exciting performance at the Zarda Festival.

Their music blends soulful vocals, guitar melodies, and the sounds of keyboard, oud, and percussion. From heartfelt ballads to lively folk tunes, they celebrate Swana music’s diversity.

– DJs –


Soly is the Egyptian DJ who has been taking Berlin by storm. He brings all styles of Arabic music to the dancefloor from Mahraganat to Dabkeh to Sidi Mansoor.
His music is a mix of dancing vibes, modern tracks, and the nostalgic period of the ’80s 90’ that bring us back to the Melody hits.
Mixing between the nostalgia of the 80s, and 90s and the Melody Hits, to the best of modern Arabic pop music,
Soly’s sets are inspired by the community’s diversity and the joy of making people dance. He believes that music is a strong connection with the crowd and they would feel that through his vibes.

Hazem B

Hazem B is a nomad child who travels through cultures and artistic disciplines. As a DJ, he produces sounds from an imaginary place standing between desert and mountains, feeding from the depths of traditional North-African heritage. Beyond fusion, his music is an invitation to draw new musical borders between Berber tunes and Afrohouse.


Mariam – Pottery Workshop

Mariam Gosibat is a young artist from Munich currently studying at the Master School for Ceramic Design in Graz. Learn unique techniques and create your own ceramic art in this community workshop. Perfect for all skill levels.

There is also a three day pass available!



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